Friday, June 21, 2013

DYI deodorant recipe!

This is totally straying from my crafty posts but I feel this is worthy of sharing! For a number of years I have struggled with my arm pits, lol! Excess sweating and when I would use the stronger deodorant, I would get itchy Pits, plus I would still sweat! Last year, in May, I tried making a natural deodorant, I had really low expectations, I was thinking if the extra strong stuff doesn't work why would some oil and powder work? I was shocked and amazed, it worked. I can still get a bit sweaty, not as bad as I used to get but I can go two days and not stink.  Also, it is cheap, last about 6 months, the biggest bonus is no itchy pits, plus it is healthy for you, not going to cause breast cancer!  I have a gluten sensitivity and they put gluten in everything, deodorant being one and shampoo being another, I used to get an itchy head also but I will share that secret another time.


Coconut deodorant recipe

- 1/4 cup arrowroot (you can find this at any bulk food store)
- 1/4 baking soda
- 5 tbs coconut oil
- 20 drops essential oil (I use peppermint but you can pick your favorite sent)

Melt your oil, I just put the oil in a glass measuring cup and microwave it tell melted, then add the rest of the ingredients, mix well then pour into a old deodorant container or do as I did and use a little jar! If you use a deodorant container be aware that in hotter months it might get quite soft.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My baby is 14!

My son turned 14 on Saturday. Isn't it funny how a kid will have a birthday and seem so much more mature, well in his case that is a good thing, 13 year old boys are not much fun!
My son loves playing the guitar so I made him a rocker card and he loved it!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Altered kids book!

For my Grandson's 2nd birthday I wanted to make him a book of our farm, he's favorite place to be!
I went to the thrift shop and bought 2 children's hard cover books.
I cut out every other pages, you have to be careful not to cut it to close to the spine, I did that with the first book and the book didn't hold its shape.
The first thing I did was cover the pages with Gesso, let the Gesso dry, or it won't stick.
I then covered the pages with Designer paper, picture and then letters.
I kept the pages very simple.
I used washi tape down the spine of each page, even though it is sticky and I covered it with mod podge, I also used sticky strip under the washi tape, just to make sure that the little 2 year old fingers didn't take it apart.
The chickens are his favorite of all the animals, not sure why.
Every time we facetime him, he wants to know where the bok boks are!
There are a few more pages but I think that is enough pictures for one post.

 Here is the birthday boy with his gift, apparently he slept with it tucked under his arm.

His birthday theme was Trains so I did a train card!
Here is my little cutie that fills me with so much joy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WOYWW #209

It is Wednesday again, If you want to join the fun hop on over to Stamping Ground.
The past few weeks I have been just putting my desk picture on but then I have people say they couldn't see my cards. So this week I added pictures of the cards.
I have been going through a transition, I have sold Stampin Up products for quite a few years like maybe 9 and that was the reason for my blog.
When we moved last September I lost my clientele but I haven't wanted to let go of my demo status.
I said all that to say I think I am ready to let go.
I bought three stamp sets that weren't Stampin Up, on Sunday and that is huge for me, I never buy any thing but SU.
I was so excited to make these cards with Tim Holtz stamps,
it brought new life into my card making!
I had way too much fun making Guy cards and I usually hate making guy cards.
I used Gesso, ink sprays, stencils and lots of other fun stuff.