Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WOYWW #204

Well my desk/table doesn't look much different then last week, just a bigger version of the same.
I took the plunge, this large canvas has been very intimidating to me.
My hubby said, "just paint over it if you don't like" which sounds fine and good
but I hate redoing!
Just to clarify because I have had lots of comments and it makes my hubby look bad, lol!
To encourage me to start he said, "just paint over it if you don't like it", not after I had finished.
I love her, sure there are a few things that I would do differently but I would not redo for sure!
Here she is hanging on the living room wall.
I am sure over the weeks I will probably take her down and add a few touches here and there.
I wanted the background to look somewhat like fire.
To me dance is all about passion and releasing that burning passion within the dancer.
I love that anything goes with mixed media so I added pearls to her hair and bodice and
the roses, from Stampin Up, for her strap.
For the skirt I used modeling paste which gives it a nice 3 dimensional feel.
This was seriously so hard for me to do, the process pushed me past my limits for sure.
It is much easier to paint abstract, when you paint people they have to look real.
Thanks for stopping by, I loved looking at all the desks from around the world; so cool.
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Diana Taylor said...

The painting is beautiful and I love the different textures you've added to it - I think it's just perfect as it is!
Have a great week
Diana #68

Julie Ann Lee said...

This is just beautiful and your desk is so tidy! I'm in awe!

Helen said...

Wow! don't paint over that!! how do you work so tidily? Helen, 3

Candace said...

Beautiful and love how lifelike the tutu is

Thanks for sharing and have a great week

Candace #58

Monica said...

it is lovey Son't redo just start a series called Dance Passion.

Monica 103

Dianne said...

You have done a FABULOUS job on the painting sheshe I couldn't do faces bodies etc.I too love the mix media,, its really a fantastic piece of art, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day..

MvM-design said...

Like the painting!!
Thanks for visiting my desk.
Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Hugs Marleen #6

Ria Gall said...

I have to say I really love your painting and I do not think she needs anything added to her. I am so glad that you did not paint over it as that would have been a total waste of a great piece of art
Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week and I hope you get plenty of crafting time
Ria #113

Bridget Larsen said...

I thought that was a book cover but noticed the skirt was 3D
Bridget #9

glitterandglue said...

Beautiful. Well done.

Pat Langley said...

I with her awhile before you decide to do anything drastic.

RosA said...

On no, don't paint over her! I think she is very beautiful. And I agree, people are much harder to paint than anything else.
Thanks for stopping by,
Happy WOYWW,
RosA # 47

Pallavi said...

Wow the painting looks amazing after! I will have to play with some modeling paste now!

Patsy Paterno said...

Can't imagine why you don't like it. Maybe it will grow on you. Love the 3d touches! patsy

Spyder said...

Beautiful painting, I can never paint and still have a tidy desk!! Have a great crafty week
HapPy WoYwW!?!

((Lyn)) #142

Robyn said...

Texture on the tutu is WOW!
thanks for welcoming me to your place and for visitng mine!
Robyn 98

Winnie said...

Wow! So beautiful! I love her face and all the textures you got on the piece like her skirt and the pearls. The background is perfect for I believe a dancer has a fire in her belly/soul to do what they do. Thanks for the kind visit!! Winnie#78

Becky said...

Gorgeous! I like that you added"real" pieces to the finished painting, beautiful job :)

Thank you, about the Rolodexes. I just use the cards that come with it and yes, it's to record birthdays and anniversaries :)

Jana said...

that tutu is perfect! no need to do anything :)
Cheers & Thanks for your visit to my desk.
Cheers, Jana 108

Zue said...

It is fab! The background already looks very fiery.

Rhonda H said...

Lovely painting! I can definitely see the fire in the background! Love the quote too! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier for WOYWW too!

April Story said...

Your painting it absolutely lovely. She has such dimension. April #122

Meihsia Liu said...

The painting is awesome! :)

Karen K said...

Just stunning, you have a real talent, I think she is perfect.

Happy WOYWW (all be it a bit late HA)
Thanks for stopping by my blog

No. 131

Maggie's Crafts said...

Love the painting. It's stunning.

Thank you for sharing.

Maggie xx