Monday, May 13, 2013

Ventured outside to paint

I had an idea as I was walking around our yard today, I saw some boards laying on the ground
and thought, I could paint them.
Hopefully DH doesn't mind that I stole the boards for the fence, he would never fix it anyways, right?
So I nailed a few boards to the back to hold it together, not the sturdiest but it will work.
I sanded the boards a bit and then covered them with Gesso.
Then I took my paints and painted right there on my porch, it is so nice outside,
except for the fierce wind.
I have paint all over the ends of my hair from the wind blowing it into my paint, lol!
I will let it dry for a day and then seal it with an outdoor varnish.
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Teresa Jaye said...

oh, I love this! so plain and rustic what a lovely addition to your outdoor decor!
Thanks for stopping by my blog - I've joined yours as I've poked around a bit and love your work!