Friday, December 13, 2013

More painted Snowman Cards!

I think this is the last of my snowman cards!
I keep thinking that then another idea comes in my head and voila, more snowmen!
There just so cute and make me happy while I am painting them!
I guess that makes them a double blessing, they make me happy and also the one who receives them!

My problem is, I make soooo many cards and then realize it wasn't enough so I have to pull out all my stuff again.  So even though I only needed two more cards, I made four and I am sure I will need them all.
I love this guys face!
It is so quick and easy to paint on Card Stock as oppose to round ornaments.
I had these whipped up in less than an hour.
Well there you go, that is all of them for this year!
Actually that is a lie, I have a birthday card snowman that I will show after the birthday; in case she reads my blog! 

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