Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Typical Day!

I can't say my life is typical right now.  Everything that could be shaken was shaken, 8 months ago.  My family, job, where we lived and even my very life.  The only thing that wasn't shaken was my faith, if anything my faith grew deeper and stronger.  Before my life was so FULL, that there was no time for anything extra, I could barely do what needed to be done!  Now I have all day to do what I want and for the first few months, that wasn't much.
 I feel like I am starting to awaken to my purpose and how God can use me in the middle of my messy life.  The last few months I have started to craft again.  I would make one card a day and I told my husband, how healing that one card a day was.  It's kind of funny but I would make a card set it out and everytime I looked at it I felt happy.  This would sometimes be the only "happy", moment in my day.  I am now starting to venture into more elaborate crafts.
Here is a canvas that I just finished.  I just shared this in the previous post but I will share it again.  When I was creating this Mixed Media piece, in the middle of the process, it was UGLY!  I told my husband that I was going to throw it out but he said, no it is awesome, but honestly it was just ugly!  I kept going and bit by bit, it started to come together but in the ugly stage I felt lost I didn't know what to do.  I looked on the web for inspiration but nothing stood out so I prayed and tried to draw it out of me.  As I was sharing this in my post, I saw a correlation to my life.  I used to paint folk art.  I would follow the pattern, there was never any doubt that it would turn out.  In life, I am the same way, if I follow the pattern that God has set out in His word everything will go right and be good, maybe not a finished work but not ugly either.  When everything fell apart in my life, I asked God why, I did everything, Right!  I prayed, corrected and raised my kids according to the word and yet the very worst thing had happened.  It was so ugly that I even thought of giving up, my grief was over whelming.  Eight months later, I can start to see some beauty come out of the ashes.  Everyone is changing in our family and I see a lot of beautiful things coming to the surface, (fire has a way of doing that).  In my life, there are things that I didn't even know were there.  On the first day of school I warned my 15 year old, about one of the boys in her homeroom; he had a reputation.  She just looked at me and said, "Really"!  I said," I guess I am in no places to judge" and she said "nope".  Since then God has really put His finger on this area in my life.  He is teaching me how to love and see people the way he does.  To draw out the beauty, instead of focusing on the sin.  Since then I have been giving Lots of opportunity, trust me.  God has opened my eyes to a lost and dying generation, without hope.  Every chance I get, to love, encourage and speak life into these kids I do. 
God is starting to awaken me.  He is breathing purpose into me.  Just this morning I was thinking, I could paint and sell the paintings, to fund, saving children from child trafficking.  This really got me excited because I can do something with all my spare time to make a difference.  My life is far from typical but there is still God's glory in it.  In the middle of ugly times in our lives if we let God in, he will turn the, ugly into something beautiful.
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Melissa Wallace said...

Love your post and your creation! God will definitely take our ugly and make it beautiful. We just have to let him take control. Blessings to you!

Lani - the flowerlady said...

Well, I'm glad you kept going, the piece is beautiful! This is the first time I've seen your sight. I remember you telling me you were going to start one but then I forgot all about it!! It looks lovely. And please, tell me the story if you can, what has been going on with you and yours?