Friday, April 12, 2013

Arise and Shine, your light has come!

There is a story with this!  First of all this is me, yikes.
Next time I am going to use a better subject!
Not quite the same but I am pretty proud.  I have never painted a real face before.
It is a lot harder than fake faces!
I can't believe that I am putting a picture of me on here, with no make up.
All to prove that the girl is a fairly good depiction of me!
I did the eyes a bit too big but how do you correct that without redoing everything?
This is just the beginning, I will get better!
I prepped the pages with Gesso and let it dry.  Then I covered, Winnie the Pooh with a light Ivory paint.  Then I had a brain wave. 
I thought, "I wonder if I could use my fabric dyes"?  Then I got giddy because I have Lots of, silk painting supplies!  It was like fireworks going off in my head and I giggled out loud, yes I did.  If anyone would have walked in on me, they would have thought, "she has lost her mind"!
I took an eye dropper and just started dropping dyes, here and there.

Then I took a paint brush and swirled the dye.  I pretty much just had fun and giggled lots.  Then I found out that, I could put the dye in a spray bottle and Spray.....So exciting!!
 Here is the beginning of the face.  I painted right on a bible page, next time I will just paint right on the journal.  Aren't you all proud of me I took lots of pictures!
I have been art Journaling for one week and what a week it has been.
  Normally my cards are all alike and when I did folk art,
 it was all very similar in style but looking over my journal every day is so different.
 I really feel I am coming out of my box, hence this journal page.
All the swirls and splotches are like fireworks, "Look out world, here I come"!
Nothing is going to hold me back anymore,
 I am free, empowered, more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus, Whoop! 
It is time to arise and shine for our light has come!!!
I get soooo excited when someone leaves a comment, so take a minute and tell me what you think.
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Leah said...

Hi Kim:) I found you while blog hopping around and wanted to say hi. I love your art journal pages...your self portrait is amazing! I stay away from faces but I too have started an art journal and have been so enthralled with it and find it very freeing. Here is a page I posted to my Flickr site if you want to peek at it.

I love that you use Scripture in your pages..I've been wanting to do that too! Anyway...have saved your blog and would love it if you stopped by mine too. Hugs...