Monday, April 8, 2013

Clothe yourselves with....

I can already tell that this won't be an everyday thing!
This page took me 4 hours to complete but this scripture is now in my heart and mind!
I was thinking this would be a good layout to put on a canvas.
I would hang it in my room and remember that these virtues are more important to put on, then clothes!
How often do we think of putting on compassion?
But there are so many people that need our compassion!
There is a hurting world out there!
I want to be clothed in these virtues and meet some of the needs that cross my path.
The most important, to recognize, when they cross my path.
I guess that's where compassion comes in!
I am so far from there...but today I will make an effort to be clothed differently!
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sara j said...

What a lovely and inspiring post. I have to admit that I was originally drawn in by the amazing visual of the page...the colors, layers, textures, etc. Beautiful. I also have to admit I think way more about my clothes in the morning that I do about how I would like to act during the day: In joy, peice, love, humility, kindness, empahy, truth, compassion and faith. Great idea for a canvas....wonderful idea actually. I have a litte piece at my desk, but something pretty and cool to look at each morning is just a wonderful thought. Really like your work....

Jennifer said...

Kim, I love this passage and your work truly brings it to life. I can see how this process would really allow you the time -- and space --to dwell on the scriptures and really allow them to speak to you. How inspiring! Thanks again for sharing!!

Teresa Jaye said...

Kim I love your journal book so far and this spread is completely amazing. The color palette is gorgeous and the dress is adorable.