Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They loved the darkness!


This is waaaay different then I have ever painted but it really felt it was from God!
I have been so sad for some teens in my life and I think and sometimes say,
"there is a better way!  You can have an amazing life filled with joy",
but they choose the darkness!
So many sad stories, some in my own home but there is a hope, there is a light!
When I was a teen, I also choose the darkness, why do we do that!
Not all do, thank goodness, but my heart breaks for those that do!
I have heard many people say that they think God is hateful, or that there are so many rules.
The truth of it is, when we make bad choices, he weeps for us.
Not because we aren't doing what he wants but because he wants to be close to us!
Each one of us is created with a hole, that can only be filled with a right relationship with Jesus!
When my 17 year old ran away from home, my heart longed for him!
I thought of how God's heart longs for His children to be close to him!
I wasn't mad about the choices my son was making, okay maybe a little mad!
I was broken because of the distance between us.
Sin does that, it separates us from God!
God doesn't ever leave us but we leave Him!
Just like in the beginning, Adam and Eve, hid from God because of their sin.
Well, this was a happy post wasn't it!
Maybe tomorrow will be happier!
Please share your story of coming out of darkness into the light,
or if you are still in the darkness, share that as well, I would love to talk with you!


Farmgirl said...

What page of the Bible is on the right side of this work?

Kim's Creations said...

It is the page that John 3:19 is on but I just noticed yesterday that it also has the passage of the woman at the well, where Jesus said he had water to give and she would thirst no more. Then he went on to reveal her sins, only to bring freedom. I was very excited in deed!