Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WOYWW #203

Last week was my first time to participate in WOYWW and it was so much fun, so I think I am hooked.  I loved looking at every ones work desk, it took all week but that was the fun of it.
Today I am only working on my journal.
I want to do a large canvas for over our couch in the living room
 so I thought I would try a smaller version in my art journal.
I like how she turned out but I am having a problem with the ink sprays bleeding through.
Her dress is white but after 30 minutes it started turning pink
 for this page it actually looks better pink but I would like to figure out how to stop it.
I sprayed the background with red and dark brown then I squirted some gold refill randomly
and then splattered alcohol. 
Then I sealed it with a spray sealer, then clear Gesso and it still bled through.
If anyone has any ideas please share, Thanks!!
I have shared this before but I will share again, I love to dance in worship.
There is no greater joy for me than when I feel connected to the Lord.
I feel real, even exposed because what I feel on the inside, in my soul,
gets released in expressive worship.
Everyone, be blessed this week and I look forward to seeing whats on your desk this Wednesday!
If you want to join the fun go over to,


Rhonda H said...

Beautiful journal page! And such a true quote! Happy WOYWW!

Regina Hamilton said...

WOW...Your art journal pages are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #6

Krisha said...

This is beautiful and would be soooo great as a large painting. I somtimes seal mine a couple of times before the gesso and sometimes 2 coats of gesso, AND sometimes the ink still comes through, so I would like to know the same thing.
Krisha #108

Ria Gall said...

oh how I love your journal page and it would look amazing as a large canvas. I hope you can find a way to stop the ink bleeding so you can make this canvas work
Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
Ria #60

Sandra Castle said...

Love your journal page! I'm also new and everyone is so supportive. All I can suggest is that you print onto a separate page? Use a sealant (Mod Podge or Glue'n'seal or other PVA) on your base page before adding your image? Let me know how you get on!

Amy Wright said...

Lovely journal page, I have been a ballerina all my life so would love something like this!

Happy WOYWW!

Amy #77

VonnyK said...

Such a beautiful journal page and I agree with everyone, it will make a fabulous canvas. Can't help with the bleeding problem, other than try not to get the sprays on the area that her skirt will cover but that will be hard.
Have a great week.
Von #28

Karen Ives said...

Lovely page, I don't know what else you could do. I use acrylic wax as a sealant. I think you would have to collage her dress on top.
Karen #64

Almo said...

Hi Kim Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely ballerina Not sure how to fix the ink problem, I usually stamp or draw first then colour, then carefully paint over the image only with mod podge or similar let it dry thoroughly then spritz/ink or whatever and the sealer usually repels the background colour to enable me just to wipe it off my image. I suppose it depends on how much pigment and what kind of ink you are using and true white is always tricky with deep colours. Hope you find a solution. Hugs Mo x

Anonymous said...

Welcome to WOYWW! LOVE your canvas. Sorry I'm late visiting.

April Story said...

Your journal page is beautiful. It captures the spirit of the dancer.
April #119

Maggie's Crafts said...

What a stunning journal page. Hope you manage to solve the bleeding through problem you're having.


Carole said...

Thanks for your visit and comment. Your journal page is lovely...the ballerina is beautiful.